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Africae Accurata Tabula

YEAR 1677

Detailed and well made copper engraved map of the African continent typical of the late seventeenth century, including updated information taken from Blaeu’s wall map of the continent.

The Cuama and Spirito Santo Rivers are shown with a common source in the Sacaf Lacus in South Africa. The Nile arises from the two lakes of Zaire and Zafflan, located below the Equator, a tale originating from a merchant named Diogenes and accepted by the Greek and Roman geographers. The interior is decorated with elephants, ostriches, monkeys, lions and rhinoceros, and eleven small ships sail in the sea. The title cartouche is flanked by natives and angels, and in the lower left is a dedication cartouche with the coat of arms of Gerardo Schaep, surrounded by Neptune and his entourage.

Technical data






Nicolas Visscher


43,7 x 54,4 cm.