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Nova Gronlandiae Islandiae et[…]

YEAR 1746

Anderson’s descriptions of how people in Iceland lived were an improvement on much that had been written prior to this, even if his work is not without non-existent wonders. When it came to the people, however, he was probably the harshest judge ever to rule on the subject, including Dithmar Blefken. Anderson wrote that Icelanders are devious, quarrelsome, dishonest, cowardly drunkards, to name but a few of their attributes. He does, however, contribute positively to the subject of this book with the beautiful map, Nova Gronlandiae Islandiae et Freti Davis Tabula. Iceland is similar to how it appeared on many sea charts around this time. He includes the island Enckhuysen, placed East of the country, but not existing in reality.

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Iceland, Greenland




Johann Anderson


35.7 x 28.8 cm.