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Scandinae Insulae Index

YEAR 1558

Johannes Magnus was the brother of Olaus Magnus, who was so influential on the early development of Nordic cartography. This map appeared in 1558 in his book about the history of the Gothic and Swedish kings, a reissue of the book from 1554 where Olaus Magnus’ map of the Nordics first appeared. In the 1558 edition, the map has been remade and is smaller. The scope, the area it covers, is also slightly smaller. This results in Iceland almost being lost, but since it is seen there, even if unlabeled, I am including this map in my collection.

The book was issued for the third time in 1567 with the same map and again in 1617 with recut map. Finally the book was published in 1620 with no map.


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Johannes Magnus


8 x 11,7 cm.